Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Do you know of a dash cam that has these features under$100?

**Infrared for night so it can actually read license plates and see

*160`  heat tolerant (NO over-heating)

*Wide angle view

*Low resolution unless G sensor regisyers accident then high resolution so it can record license plates

*Inside car low res while Outside car has higher res

*can allow Locking only 30 sec to one to two mins at time..  where lock doesnt hsve to be a whole fiv min long but has ability to lock longer as well.

****allows snapshots

**TIMELAPSE feature!!

*360 view? All four sides of car?

*High storage abilities

*Internet wifi abilities

*Doesnt drain car battery when car is off

I will add to this list as i come across items that matter to me..

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

call, invite, explain, ask, say it, state it, ask for it, tell it.

  • Whittlesey Karinita the answer 'why' is usually 'fear'. .... though sometimes but another answer is because of a "need for patience in life".. bc life, though simple, is in fact also beautifully intricate (not sure if i would use the word 'complicated"... but sometimes when one "allows an idea" to come to life instead of "acting on an idea" allowing oneself to just sit back and be 'with patience' sometimes ideas more easily happen. .. because sometimes, sometimes, people are not ready for certain ideas, or statements or questions.. often when I encounter people flooded by certain beliefs or emotions or perspective, i have oftn slowly learned that sometimes with a little bit of patience on my part to wait till a person is ready to receive a thought or information or an explanation -- sometimes waiting until the other person is open or sometimes waiting until I know a different way of approaching an idea. .. although I can think of many almost countless times I have learned and relearned this lesson and observed this, i will give a recent example from this fall: late last year I had an experience of a concept I wanted to share with my mother and for weeks I kept repeating an explanation of the concept to her and for months, I got nowhere until finally one day, I stopped repeating the same words and the same request and gave myself time to be patient and not ask and not explain and stopped trying to be understood and stopped trying to ask, and simply waited and i allowed a quiet patience to flow through, i finally figured out a way to help her understand what she had wanted understanding about and had at least gotten some of my own needs met for being understood a little better, at least on that particular idea... but even outside this example, often I have seen in life, times when I wanted something or asked for something, knowing it was not the right time, later when I had allowed the idea or concept to go dormant for awhile, life just sort of allowed it to grow more naturally and life flowed more naturally towards that idea on its own. then again, if i hadnt spoken up in the first place, maybe the seed might not have been planted to begin with.. so i guess that goes full circle to the quote of the importance of "yep, speak up now to at least get the growth cycle started.". even if it is years before one sees the actual seed sprout. , lol.

Monday, December 30, 2019

irritation with camera phobes

If you specifically ask me not to ever let you be in the video camera or picture then this causes a problem for me, bc then it means that i either have to lie about it or i have to subject myself to a deep inner conflict of rebellion and anxiety in order to.try to comply with your wishes which deny me the freedom to be allowed to captire the moment or not if i want toremember the moment as it actually was.

Ialso find it to be extremely unfair to me, because when you walk into any store or even walk by half of them or even if you just walk by half of any homes in our neighborhood you are automatically being recorded.

And to deny me that right in my property, um i would not be okay with that. And even if i had had no original desire to record you just because you had said that, i would automatically feel instantly rebellious and inwardly deeply bitter and resentful and although i will hide those negative feelings from you while you are there later that night i will toss and turn amd not sleep well and even work myself uo into having a tiny bit of a migraine at my frustration and annoyance that you will let yourself walk into a grocery store where you automatixally are videoed but will have to compution to ask me to turny own cameras off (even if i never had them on in the first place).
Just automatically your request would instantly make me feel inwardly unacveptef and annoyed.

Just pretend you are at a goddam grocery store and stop worrying about who sees you do what!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Do you want to feel

feel at peace
to be able to give yourself permission too feel relaxed content peaceful happy

if you let me
I can teach you
I can help you have moments like that.

maybe not all day
but moments

I can teach you how I do it
contact me via

body mind listener at email
on gmail

personally I believe the session is worth $150-$1000 depending on lengt of session and I know if I had the money that is how much id be willing to pay if I could
but I know if you are in a similar situation to me you wouldn't bee able you afford that so you tell me how much you could afford for the first trial hour and half session and I will tell you if I am up for that.
keep in mind I can usually only handle one client at most on any particular day
and that the cost of mortgage and bills and living expenses for one day for my family of three equals about $150 /day just to survive. $300 day if we are going too have any hope of doing some of the dreams we would like to do.

so please keep that in mind

Monday, December 16, 2019

Do you have a truck in Houston texas

We need help this week asap.

Driver & General Labor position for Lot Transformation in Houston Texas. Click here to apply: bartering for services preferred method of payment.

Location: Houston, TX 2:30 pm to 6:30pm (or just after sunset)is

What would help us most in life is someone able to drive and transport three passengers and garden equipment from Houston Galleria to Fifth Ward and back at least once a month, maybe even once a week, (maybe more ).

Our ideal candidate is patient, a good listener, openminded, and is a safe driver and lives super super close to the Galleria bc you will already be spending an hour driving from the Galleria to fifth ward and back to the Galleria.

Ideally you would also be able to help out with the labor clearing out & possible doing some gardening on the lot and might also enjoy learning about the plants.

Basically instead of paying an uber or lyft or 3rd party company $30 to $40 roundtrip where the 3rd party company takes half the money, we would rather give the $30 to $40 directly all to you in exchange for your staying with us & helping us out while you wait to return us back. Plus we like to teach people about plants and maybe even inspire you to grow some yourself.

Must be able to speak some English and must be able to follow directions.

Ideally available between 2pm and 6:30pm (or till just after sunset).

(Mim wage plus gas money = ~$10/hr)


Drive safely in various weather conditions
Navigate a variety of routes through the city, including fifth ward
Load and unload gardening equipment
Help out with the gardening while you wait

Safe driving record
Valid Driver's License
No drugs

We look forward to hearing from you (713309524)

Extra details important to know about the job.

*Must be able to provide transportation for 3 passengers plus yourself plus dirty garden equipment to a nearby lot to be able to help clear & transform a lot.

If you have a working weed eater or if you know how to fix our weed eater that would be awesome. But its ok.

Ideally you will provide your own working gloves. Will wear appropriate clothing to be outside.

*Must be able to follow directions, and to to be able to handle a location without restrooms, running water, or electrcity.

*Must be able to follow directions.

*There has been poison ivy seen on site -- so if you are super sensitive like we are, job not as recommended for you.

*** You must record a waiver saying we will not be held liable or responsible should you get injured or come to any harm.***

***Photographs and videos are taken throughout clean up process -- so it must be acceptable if you are in the camera phrame.***

*Usually from between about ~3pm to just after sunset.

We technically prefer to find people who would be willing to barter vs being paid mim wage. But if cash is necessary, pay = roughly mim wage plus some extra bit for gas. ~ $10/hr

It takes 30 mins to get there from where you pick us up. So thats about an hours worth of driving plus possibly about 2 to 3hrs of labor. Expect to earn about $30 to $40 unless bartering.

Total time is roughly about 3 to 4 hrs you will be wilth us.

You will get taught about some of the different plants, hopefully learning about some native edibles which we will not cut or mow down if they are on site.

*** Though please do not eat them until you have done your own research bc you might be allergic to them.***

If all goes well, and we work well with you, then this gig may be available for you once a month maybe even twice a week sometimes.

Please answer these questions:

1) what part of town are you coming from? (We would prefer someone closer to the starting point who doesnt have to travel a whole hour just to get to us, though we will accept anyome who wants to learn more about plants)

2))What kind of vehicle do you have (ie) are you ok with dirty garden equipment and plants with dirt?

4) how good of a driver are you..? 5) Do you use any drugs?

6) would you be okay with bartering or do you prefer $10/hr for your time?

7)can i contact you last minute?

Saturday, December 14, 2019

how often i have had this thought

krineteagle (@KrinEtEagle) Tweeted: the US afford could actually afford an infastructure IF it raised billionaires' taxes! Do the math

Monday, November 25, 2019

I wish there was a dentist in walking distance of me that did probono work please.

Why walking distance?

Bc taking the city bus is excrutiatingly difficult for someone who has a mutiple sensory processing disorders.

Why probono?
Bc i cannot afford to pay anythin.:(

I can give platonic massages. Thats about all i have to offer in return.

Please. Please help.

Please make this possible.

Have you ever paid someone to talk or text to you?

I have a question about that?
Maybe its a confusion I have.

When you call or text them.. it's the connection you are looking for?

Do you ever care enough about any of the people you interact with enough to want to help them out? Beyond just paying for the five minutes you chat with them?

Does it ever bother you that the person you are talking to is only getting a small percentage of what you are paying the company you went through?

Ugh, now here is a horrible thought: its maybe even a worse percentage then if that person was pimping themselves out. :/  what a sad thought.

Sometimes when i lay awake at night or in the morning when i am suppised to be sleeping but i am stressing instead, i contemplate getting one of those jobs of texting people.. but then my shudders at the thought that the only people hiring are adult fantasy companies and that maybe the only people calling are people who want to talk about sexual stuff - which is a topic i dont want to talk about.  There are to many other beautiful topics in this world and that one is overdone in my opinion.
The closest id be comfortable doing to that is talking someone through some relaxation techniques.

Ie. : " Lay back, close your eyes, lengthen your spinal  cord. Let the tension flow out of your shoulders, relax."

But the thought of someone bringing uo crude sexual crass vulgar conversations.. i wouldnt be able to bear it.

Okay so i am a prude and more like a spiritual nun, even though i am not christian i am about as close to a nun as one could get.  I married once, gave my heart and sould and body to that man and after 20 years he abandoned me when i didnt behave the way he wanted me to behave.

I am sorry i coukdnt be the person he wanted me to be.
I am sorry i cant be the person you want me to be.
I am sorry I am not likely to be accepted the way i am.

I am sorry that i am not likely to find someone who wants me to be happy and who is willing to dole out enough money to keep my dreams safe and happy.

i am sorry my dreams are so expensive.

I am sorry that there are hundreds of other people also hurting in this world and that i cannot help them either.

I am sorry and i am sad.

And my tooth hurts. And i am scared.
And my heart hurts.

And i am feeling sorry for myself.
And i am feeling sorry for eveyone else as well who has a need that isnt getting met or who doesnt feel safe or who doesnt have hope or who is scared.

Kiddo and i watched this youtube show about the future of the universe and what the universe will be like after the galaxys have all fallen into black holes and the universe is empty of all matter and light and it is quiet and all particles are spread out nothing connected. All alone.

Amd how precious this moment is.
How even this pain even if it wil son be unbearable bc i cannt afford a dentist. Or the transportation to go.
And how trapped i feel by not being able to drive or go anywhere for myself.
But yet,
How precious it is that i am alive.

And how that at least kiddo and i have these few precious years before my ex attempts to kick us out of our home.

I am not able to function or do what i want for my famiky and our dreams the way i wish to .. either monetarily or transportstion wise.

Years and years ago I lost my husband. And i am sorry.

I am sad and my body and mind and spirt are tears.

But i am alive. My son is alive. My mom is alive. as long as we are alive there is stil a chance that someone might help us with our dreams.

We are lucky to have what we have.
We are more lucky then most people.

I wish it didnt come with the cost of sadness and fear and physical pain bc i cannot afford treatments.

I wish it did not come with such sadness.

I wish all i had to do to earn money was just to exist and be here and just write to you periodically just about life (avoiding all topics that were lewd).

I wish we were financially secure enough so that i didnt have to worry about losing our familys land, so that i didnt have to be dependent on anyone else, so that i could just stay home and take care of my son, my mom, the cat and the land. In peace. In safety.
With as many cameras, recording equipment and tech equipement as my son and i desired.

Please lord. It really isnt asking for that much to be allowed to have that.

I feel so utterly ashamed to ask for that bit of peace and happiness.

But Please.

Please. While my family is still alive. Where we can be alive and have that peace and safety and each other, our property, and be able to function.






Saturday, November 23, 2019

small rant about my favorite politician

ok now don't get me wrong,
I love this politician
environmentally he is thee only one I would even consider
Health care wise he is thee only one I would consider


this concept that he won't take money from a millionaire -  is insanely idiotic to me

so, if I win the lottery, does that mean I can no longer give him money?



I bet those millionaires are laughing there heads about this.

if I was a wealthy millionaire who only wanted the millionaire class to succeed, I'd be laughing my head of at how that would be to my benefit of him bleeding the poor people even poorer for contribution funds

you know what he should be doing instead..

is asking the poor people to do more advertising for him FOR FREE

advertising and educating our friends for him is free too its and something we would gladly do

but giving previous money we don't have to help him advertise to people who arent going to be swayed any more by his advertisements any better then anti of the other politicians is not a sound investment.

I admit that was one amazing thing trump did back then.

he barely paid for advertisement and just let the media and his constituents advertise for him.

that money is my much better spent taking a friend our for coffee and taking them and getting them interested in him instead

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Are you disappointed with your spouse?

are you feeling a little bit disapointed with your own current spouse?

do you want someone who can verbally communicate?

I know you probably feel like you have tried communicating clearly with your spouse all your needs, but is it possible he/she has either a) not understood or b)is fumbling and cannot hear bc there is some need of her own she hasnt gotten met and doesnt know how to explain it?

I am Just a little bit curious about both sides of the story...

Do you think that person might be willing to read a book with you about communcation called nvc: language of life by rosenberg.

It saved my own marriage and added an extra ten special years until an extra complicated work and life situation got the better of us.

You can learn more about the book at

And yes, taking care of house, family, self IS an undervalued skill.

Sadly, you would not think much of my skills. I do keep everyone fed.

But all the rest of it, i struggle deeply with.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Will you accept a shoulder massage during conversation?

More to the point, would you be willing to pay a friend for a shoulder massage while they are hanging out with you?

If the answer is no, then i ask, do you care if your friends are able to make ends meet and be able to have elextricity, water, internet, roof over their head, etc?

If answer is yes, do you live nearby?

Do you also understand boundaries?
And not going past those boundaries?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Understanding why people love and hate cameras

from an "1984" book standpoint, yeah, not so great having cameras everywhere. Or frkm a "Person of Interest" tv show standpoint.

I understand some countries are already are using it to "police" there constituents. :/

and occasionally on late night walks the excess of property security cameras probably leaves me and kiddo a lot less adventursome then we once used to be.

after watching one too many cop tv shows about how cameras and recording devices are used, In a way, knowing ones conversations and actions could be and probably are being recorded somehow in some way does make it scarier to just be ones self.
Which is sad to me bc it prevents a lot of people from being themselves and i dont like that bc i prefer to only be around people when their shields are down..

In college days I far more enjoyed giving drunk people access to a video camera then sober people.

i really dont like how bc of how people out there in the world might potentially use and twist images and conversations , how it increases fear of the precious moments of life from being captured and treasured.

It becomes something scary and sad and to be feared instead of something beautiful to be celebrated and appreciated in all its beauty.

So i totally do understand a mutlitude of reasons and aspects and perspectives why cameras are not appreciated and disliked by most people. Including myself from time to time when i find myself in front of one.

Nonetheless, lifes moments to me are precious.very precious
And bc of that if i could i would capture all of life on camera from an infinite angles if i could just to make eachmoment of time last that much longer. 

Its kind of like prolonging eavh moment making each momemt of time almost immortal for a moment.

Both the good and the bad.  Trying to appreciate the essense and beauty in all its forms of each and every moment..

Written 4:44 pm oct no nov 7, 2019